About Me

Erika Nigh


Personal Fitness Trainer, AFAA

Certified Holistic Nutritionist, AFPA

I decided to make my fitness hobby a career about 10 years ago.   While working on my personal training certification through AFAA, I became a level 1 certified CrossFit coach and began coaching at Space Coast CrossFit 6-8 classes per week.  I taught the basics for functional fitness and olympic weight lifting. Completed an olympic weight lifting seminar with Donny Shankle.  I also competed in many local CrossFit competitions. I do not coach CrossFit and did not renew my recent certification but I am fully knowledgable and competent in teaching good form for all the movements including olympic weight lifting such as the snatch, clean and jerk and squatting.  

I have played sports much throughout my growing up but tennis was what I competed in the most.  After taking a long break, I went back to playing local leagues as well as USTA teams and tournaments.  I have a vast amount of knowledge on which workouts improve my performance on the court and can train others to do the same.  Nutrition is a huge factor in performance as well as the training.  I can speak from my personal experience as well as scientific research.

I have been doing personal training at South Beach Fitness for 8 years and teaching group classes as well.  I also train members at Eau Gallie Yacht Club. I am certified with Les Mills in Body Combat, and teach that class only at South Beach Fitness.  In addition, I have a garage gym for personal and group training.  

I have been studying nutrition over my lifetime and have experimented for my own knowledge many different diets.   I just recently decided to get my certification in Holistic Nutrition with AFAA after extensive research of what I believe is the healthiest lifestyle I could offer my clients.  I enjoy cooking, prepping food and meal planning.  I love teaching clients how to improve their health from what they put into their body in addition to physical training.  My philosophy is that you should have both and keep a good balance for happy, strong, quality long life!